Do you have land you want to sell?
Have you been paying taxes on something you never use?
Would cash in your pocket be helpful in this Economic downturn?

We are Alliance Land Group.
We want to buy your land.

At Alliance Land Group, our goal is to buy land and hold on to it as a long-term investment. Most of the land we purchase is in remote unpopulated areas of the United States. Many of our sellers bought their property many years ago, with promises of population growth and now find the land unchanged from the day they bought it. Others have inherited land and are now stuck paying taxes on something they just cannot use.

With Alliance Land Group you will receive a written wholesale offer in the mail. When you accept the offer our goal is to provide a quick closing to get money in your pocket.

Please visit the other pages on our website to find out more about selling your property to Alliance Land Group. For your convenience we have provided an online form you can fill out to fast-track your way to quick and easy cash closing. You can also contact us for more information.